Fastrrr is a smart and quick - performance analysis solution brought to you by a team of sailors.

Fastrrr is a unique solution to be fast on the race course. With the help of the huge amount of input data, it allows you continuous analysis - helping you to achieve the optimal sailing performance in all condition. Big Data solutions have been available for top sailors. With the affordable Fastrrr system you don’t need the same budget as those who compete in the America’s Cup or in the Volvo Ocean Race to get the same benefits.

Increase your speed

As speed is one of the most important factor in sailing and for trimming sails optimally - it needs to be measured constantly. Even if you measure your speed, without a proper polar or sail chart it is hard to make comparison - How fast you really are?

Instant access

Fastrrr provides instant access to measured/recorded data from the Cloud. Browse the reports from race to race or training to training. Follow your boat performance on our easy to use dashboard.

Trim your boat

Due to the infinite options to trim your boat, there is no better baseline than your own performance. Measure and analyze your results. With Fastrrr you have the possibilities to train yourself or your team by compering your past results to your current ones.

Why Fastrrr?

The team that develop Fastrrr is made up of sailors with great deal of experience. We know racing from the smallest dinghy (Optimist) to bigger boats, whether she is monohull or multi-hull. We have been actively racing for the past 1 and half decades.

Fastrrr is a unique solution that allows you to analyze your boat, sails and your own performance in the racing or training conditions. Certainly, many people have experienced that it is difficult to find the target-boat-speed of a custom designed or even one-design sailboat. Nowadays, it is already 

possible to view polar chart that are published by sailmakers, but in many cases, this can only be used as points of reference. In order to work with accurate and up-to-the-second data it is essential to continuously measure and process data. This is what Fastrrr does by automatically logging and analyzing the available data. You can easily compare your performance at the end of the day. You no longer need to back-up your workouts in your training diary and look for past performance since all measured data is synchronized in the user's own virtual storage space. You can retrieve the information anytime.

How it works?


Data recording during sailing sessions

The data is recorded by our own instruments or with the existing instruments on board. Additional measuring devices can be placed on the coaching boats.


Sync data after sailing activities

After the sailing activities - by connecting the device to a PC - it will synchronize with the user’s database.


Evaluation of data

As soon as the data is synchronized, the database becomes available immediately so you can analyze it and define future development goals.

Fastrrr team


founder, engineer, Performance analyst

Stacey has been sailing since the age of 5. From 2001 sailed competitively starting in Optimist class, then changed to Laser and later to bigger boats classes. By now he has more than 15 years in racing monohulls and catamarans.

Besides sailing, He has a technical knowledge in engineering, programming and manufacturing.


CO-FOUNDER, european champion sailor, coach

In 2001, He started sailing in one of the famous sailing clubs of Hungary at Lake Velence (VVSI). He changed to Laser classes after many years of racing in Optimist. The next milestone when He changed to another sailing club at Lake Balaton and start sailing with 420s and 470s. Currently racing with J24 and Melges24. 


CO-FOUNDER, sailor, Programmer

Kristóf was raised in a sailor family and found himself on the race course before the age of five. Started racing in Optimist then continued with Laser classes, 420ers - in parallel - several bigger boat classes at the same time. At age fourteen, He began to coach others and at the age of seventeen this became the main interest due to the fact, that an injury prevented him from competitive racing. Now he is actively racing again in classic sailing boat classes.  

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