fastrrr is an external knotmeter for dinghy sailors

and watersport lovers

fastrrr is a unique equipment for dinghy sailors to measure their exact speed over water (SOW). With our solution they will be able to detect the smallest differences in speed caused by a trimming session  or changes in weather conditions.

fastrrr solves problems

Measuring speed on dinghies is not possible with today's solutions since the through hull transducers are not viable on a dinghy boat since it's hull is not designed to be drilled through and there is no space and possibility for an on board computer to analyze data. However speed data is one of the most important measurement of a ship and without it, there is only comparing solutions (1-on-1) are possible for sailors.

Why fastrrr?

Everyone on our team has been sailing since their childhood. We know sailing from the smallest (Optimist) one up to much bigger classes. We grew up as sailors,  we  understand their needs.

fastrrr is an external knotmeter, and it is unique.

We have a strong competition with many participants on the manufacturing side, however as we found in our research they have stable marketshares and products with no or minimal further development.

fastrrr was first born out of a simple idea of a knotmeter device that doesn't require drilling through the ship's hull in order to measure speed. The team behind fastrrr came together to share this vision and give it a chance, since everything related to sailing is interesting for us.

From a concept fastrrr become more and more of a reality. We figured out how to use less and give more for the costumers. We have lowpower chips that can run on one charge for weeks, we have smartphones that we carry everywhere, and we are measuring everything that is possible.

fastrrr team

    Balázs Némethi


    Architect, Co-founder of Central European Startup Awards,

Giorgio de Conto


Design strategist, Industrial Designer,

Kristóf Damokos


System engineer at Lufthansa, Physics student,

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